Amazon FBA For Beginners (Step by Step Tutorial)

In this video, I will show you how to sell on Amazon with FBA (fulfillment by Amazon)
Jungle Scout software:


0:00 – Start Here
1:00 – What to expect
3:14 – FBA vs FBM
5:40 – How to find products to sell
16:17 – How to source products
17:40 – Manufacturers vs trading companies
18:55 – Estimating profitability
21:15 – Ordering samples
22:43 – Placing an order
24:29 – The shipping process
26:35 – Amazon fees
28:40 – Listing products
30:34 – Descriptions
32:17 – Bundling products
33:39 – Reviews
34:34 – Getting sales

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Hey everyone welcome to the channel my Name is nate and in this tutorial I’m going to be showing you step-by-step How to sell with Amazon fba now quick note here we’re not Selling you anything there’s no courses There’s no pitches You don’t have to worry about us going Through here and just telling you to buy Our like Thousand dollar course look the truth is You don’t have to spend any money In order to learn how to do amazon fba It’s still very much alive and well In 2021 and we’re going to show you Everything that you need to know this is A Beginner’s guide on amazon fba we’re Going to give you as much information as Possible In this video so i recommend taking out A pen Taking out a piece of paper taking some Notes on this video we’ll leave some of The show notes down below but like i Said We have nothing here to sell you so just Enjoy this uh take some notes and i Think it’s gonna be Of quite a bit of value for you so let’s Get started here Uh but it’s important to note as well That this is not a get-rich-quick Type of idea uh while this is still very

Much alive and well we know people who Are selling Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth Of products on amazon and we’ve done This quite a bit ourselves Uh but this is not a get rich quick Scheme okay this is not something That tomorrow you’re going to wake up And you’re going to have 10 million Dollars From selling products on amazon this is Very much a long process So hopefully if you’re watching this Video it’s with my hopes That maybe you already have a job or You’re already in school you already Have something going on And what i want you to do is hopefully Start to do something like this On the side right start to build it up Over time you start to learn from your Experiences And this is the best way to go about This rather than just trying to jump Into it full time right off the bat But rather build up over time learn from Your experiences over time Launch one product then launch another One then launch another one over the Course of the next couple of months That’s what we would suggest doing Rather than just hitting it Running and just going out and trying to Uh make a ton of money

Within the next couple of weeks it’s Gonna be really difficult to do that and We don’t to see You lose your shirt uh by getting in Over your head too quickly Okay so let’s start here uh but first of All let’s let’s just discuss a couple of Things that we’re looking at here In in the big segments first of all We’re going to look at how to find Products we’re going to talk a little Bit more about amazon fba and Essentially what it is But then we’re going to talk about how To find products right how do you find Products that have A lot of demand and not very much supply I don’t know if you’ve taken Any type of economics courses or or Studied economics but you’ll know that You want to be in the position where There’s not very much supply But there’s a lot of demand we’ll show You how to find those Different types of products there’s a Couple of great techniques that we have For that And then we’ll talk about how to Actually source those products right How do we find the products that we can Then go sell how do we find Manufacturers Should we deal with trading companies Should we go straight to the

Manufacturer how do we get that over to America or wherever you’re based in And so we’ll go over as much as we can In regards to sourcing products Buying those products it sounds pretty Scary by maybe Ordering pallets of products from some Type of Country on the other side of the world But it can actually be a lot easier and Simpler once you get the process rolling So If at any point you feel intimidated From this just know that uh It’s going to take some time okay but You take one step at a time you start to Build this knowledge Uh and and you really can’t win with This so Let’s start off by understanding Fulfillment by amazon amazon fba that’s What it stands for It’s fulfillment by amazon now this is The most popular route For people who are selling on amazon Especially in 2021 There’s also another option though if You don’t want it fulfilled by amazon Meaning that amazon is actually shipping Out the packages for you You’re not the one putting those Packages in the mail this is what you’ll See With when people do amazon fba you’ll

See this Prime option as well so they’re shipping Out from their warehouses You’re just the seller so you’re getting A cut there This is a great move for most people but There’s also something called Amazon fbm which is fulfillment by Merchant which is Essentially you can list something on Amazon and then you can ship that Product out Yourself you can totally do that i Actually know a lot of people who might Prefer to do that when they first start Off selling on amazon And there’s pros and cons to each one of These now we’ll be primarily talking About fba fulfillment by amazon where They shipping announce but we will touch On Fbm a little bit on if you want to ship Those products out yourself now the pros And cons of each of these It’s important to understand this Because with something like fba Maybe you’ll save some time and actually You’ll probably end up selling more from Our experience Selling more when you do fba because you Have that prime shipping that’s Available in most cases Amazon’s shipping it for you so it might End up saving you time as well you don’t

Have to run to the post office to ship Those things out The problem with amazon fba is that it Can actually be a little bit more Expensive Because amazon does take quite a few Fees and you’ll notice that as a common Theme throughout this That amazon they take a lot of fees in a Lot of different areas This is not without good reason i mean They are in a lot of cases promoting Your product For you the amazon search engine is the Largest search engine For shopping in the world so when people Want to buy something They go to amazon and amazon can promote This product for you So it’s great to have that on there now Fulfillment by Merchant just very quickly to run over This it’s probably going to save you Some money in fees Because you might be able to do this Yourself you don’t have to pay all these Various amazon fees But we find that you actually end up Don’t selling as much And people really do want to have that Prime two-day shipping Included there they don’t wanna have to Pay an extra five dollars and Ninety-five cents

For shipping so we suggest going with Fba if you can especially if the margins Are still There we’ll talk about profit margins in Just a minute as well but let’s get into The section here where we talk about Finding products How the hell do we find a product to Sell on amazon Now admittedly it used to be a lot Easier to find products with good profit Margins Five or ten years ago selling on amazon But it’s still very possible to find Products like this So one strategy that we could use which Is probably the beginner strategy Is just going through and randomly Searching for things and kind of Guessing We used to do this actually way back When i used to sell a lot of products on Ebay What we would do is i i would any time That i would buy something I would look at the product cost and Then i would go and try to source the Product and i would try to compare that And just see if i could get it for A lower price this isn’t the best method Right like if i go on here And maybe i’m i’m thinking about selling Uh some type of uh You know winter gloves right and i’m

Looking through here and i’m just trying To find something right This is gonna be really difficult to Just kind of go throughout this And find products without any type of Software or any type of help Because who knows you know okay this is Selling for 16.95 But is it possible to tap into this it Has a lot of reviews It’s already at the top here these are Actually sponsored and so What we recommend doing is not just Going through here and blindly guessing On products This is going to end up in just a really Big fiasco for you What we suggest doing is getting this Piece of software called Jungle scout so jungle scout is a Software it’s going to cost you a little Bit of money I don’t know if we have any discount Codes but we’ll leave a link to it down Below Just you can check it out if you would Like to and i like i said i don’t think That there is a discount code but if There is one We will include it down below um but Basically what jungle scout does it’s This beautiful piece of software i Absolutely love it that really what it Does is it’ll show you the average

Monthly sales on Average they’re obviously extrapolating A lot of this data they don’t have all Of this data on hand But they’re doing as much as they can to Give you this information This is the number one tool for sellers On amazon i mean it’s an absolute beauty Of a tool here but we can see the Average price for winter gloves 19.16 we can see the average amount of Reviews But then we can also see the opportunity Score here Uh which is not very good it’s in high Demand but it has a lot of competition On this as well So seeing this you know we’re probably Not going to want to go and Start to try to sell winter gloves Because it looks like this market here It’s already kind of flooded the profit Margins aren’t that great as you can see Some people Are on average might be losing money Some people might only be making a Couple of dollars this is just All of course just an estimate from Jungle scout but this piece of software You know we can look through and see Their price we can see their average Monthly sales They’re obviously selling a ton you know Most of these are selling uh 10 20

30 or 40 000 gloves per month products Per month so they’re absolutely crushing With that But it’s gonna be really difficult for Us to tap into that so we’re not going To go with that one But we want to actually instead of just Guessing here and using the software Which you could do What we’re actually going to do is we’re Going to go over to jungle scout right And so we’re going to go over to jungle Scout i’m going to log in here And we’re going to actually look for the New opportunities right the product Opportunities There’s a tab on this site that will Allow us to do this If you don’t want to go through and use This software if you don’t want to pay For the software You can still do this we’ll talk more About that later in this video If you want to forego that but i think It’s probably going to be worth an Investment To be totally honest with you at least To do some initial product Research so once this paid page loads Here i’m going to be able to log In and then we’re going to be able to Look at new opportunities available to Us here So we’re logged into the jungle scout

Dashboard here And now what we’re going to do is we’re Going to go to product research i’m Going to click down here And we’re going to go to opportunity Finder and now once we have the Opportunity finder this is where we can Start to Discover different types of products That we might want to consider selling Now i urge you to not just Try to sell products that you love or That you use or that you’re passionate About Because those products might not have Good margins we need to find products uh That it doesn’t matter if i like it or Not It doesn’t matter if i myself am using That product for example You know if i’m selling women’s razors i Don’t use women’s razors but that’s okay Because as long as it makes me some Money and it’s a good product uh because At the end of the day You know if it’s a bad product you’re Not gonna be selling on amazon for very Long that’s that’s true So now what we’re going to do is we can Select all categories but i actually Like to target a couple of different Categories So home and kitchen for example maybe Office products is one that we found to

Be Pretty profitable and you can go through Here and decide which ones you want to Go for or We probably would suggest just selecting All here for the time being to kind of Get your feet wet and try to discover Certain types of products now once we do That We can go and look at the average Monthly units sold I would suggest going for a product That’s selling at least 100 Units per month you know if there’s five Per month because you’re trying to sell Some type of weird obscure fly trap Thing that nobody’s ever really heard of It’s probably not going to be worth your Time Or anybody else’s time to spend energy On a listing that’s not selling anything Because nobody’s searching for it so for This let’s just set up a minimum of 100 monthly units sold this is a pretty Low number You know you could even set this closer To 500 or closer to a thousand if you Would like to But for our first product we’ll start With just 100 Units now we can also look at the Average monthly price i would suggest Setting a filter for this uh the reason For this is because

If you’re selling a product on amazon For 10 or Less what we find is that your profits Will be Almost non-existent meaning that amazon They do take a lot of fees but there’s Also shipping There’s the cost of actually making the Product getting it to amazon Them shipping it out they’re taking fees Um and there’s going to be product Returns there’s going to be other Problems I would not suggest selling anything Less than 10 With amazon fba you’re just not going to Have good profit margins at all unless You’re getting Your actual product for like 10 cents And you’re able to sell it for 10 Which is pretty rare um so we’re going To set a minimum price for 10 And a maximum price we’re going to set At about 80 Here just so that we don’t have too many Products showing up but also what we Find is that if you have a product on Amazon for five hundred dollars You’re gonna get far fewer sales on that Most people aren’t gonna be able to just Convert on cold traffic so we’re gonna Keep that from a 10 to an 80 Range the other reason why we’re keeping This we’re capping this

Average monthly price at 80 is because If you’re just starting to sell products On amazon You’re probably not going to be able to Afford to sell 500 Sofas in a thousand of those you Probably don’t have that much money To invest into something like amazon fba Right so we want to keep this price a Little bit low for our first Round of products that we are trying to Sell and you can go through and Add some more filters on here if you Would like what i would do is suggest Turning this competition down from very Low down to about Medium competition they run a number of Different factors in this to Decide what’s going to be competitive And what’s not competitive But this is going to help you tap into Those niches or those industries That everybody’s not in right like if if We try to sell Cutting boards everybody’s selling Cutting boards it’s really hard to tap Into that because so many people are Searching for it So we’re going to go for something very Low to medium competition We can also look at seasonality as well Which is going to be important Christmas just happens so we probably Don’t want to sell a christmas item or

It could actually be a way to get into The market here So now what we’re going to do is we’re Going to click search because we’ve set Our Different things here so we’re going to Wait for this to load for just a second And it looks like it just loaded here so Now we can go through here and we can Look at all these different products That popped up Based off of our search criteria for a Product that we might want to sell On amazon so we can go through here and You’re going to see ones that you Just are not going to be relevant to you So a yankee candle i’m not going to sell That because well I don’t own yankee candles um so what We’re going to go through here because What we’re really going for In this case is we’re probably trying to Find something That we can private label meaning that We can actually source from a Manufacturer we can slap our own brand Name onto it and then we can sell it For a premium price so you know this One’s actually pretty interesting right Here Valentine gnomes you know i’ve actually Seen this a number of times We were doing some product research About two months ago back in november or

Maybe those three months ago now Back in november and we’re looking at Gnomes for christmas and It’s just very interesting to see that For some reason the no market doesn’t Seem very tapped into and we’re just Using this as an example here for the Purpose of this video But let’s say that we’re just intrigued By this so we can go ahead we can click On valentine gnomes And we can look at the average units Sold right obviously starting to pick up A lot One thousand 1 621 units sold In january so far this is of course an Estimate This is going to be a seasonal item so You have to decide this is something That you really Want to end up selling but let’s go Ahead and let’s start to look into this A little bit more Right so let’s actually search this on Amazon So we’re searching for valentine gnomes On amazon And we can go ahead and we can look at What we have here And what we have is a number of products That Don’t really have many reviews i mean Take a look at this They don’t have many reviews but they’re

Averaging quite a few Monthly sales now this is of course an Estimate This might not be totally accurate but It’s very intriguing to see this Why there are so many gnomes being sold Here uh and They’re getting quite a few sales right So this might be a product that we’re Interested in Trying to source and trying to sell so Now One one quick note here uh if so we’re Going to use this as an example for this Video here Sourcing gnomes and selling valentine’s Gnomes but the problem here is that i’m Filming this video we’re creating this Video Uh in january and so if we wanted to Actually do this we should have been Ahead of the trend Right so because it’s going to take a Couple of weeks to find a manufacturer To get those to amazon And then amazon ships them out into and To build some reputation there So if you’re going to do something Seasonal like this you You’re going to want to think many Months out right so right now it’s January I’m gonna start thinking about maybe Fourth of july or independence day

Gnomes or summer gnomes and maybe Easter gnomes right later on in the year So that i’m prepared for them That’s just a quick note there that i Wanted to mention so let’s go back to Jungle scout And let’s say that we’re very interested In selling gnomes right because they’re Selling quite a few gnomes here It looks like this is a pretty good Product to sell so now that we’ve found A potential product That we want to end up selling we’ve Identified that there’s demand for it Right they’re obviously selling Thousands of valentine gnomes Per month and there seems to be quite a Bit of demand for it as well Okay so now that we have identified that What we’re going to do Is try to find a way to source that and That’s going to be in the next segment Here So assuming that you are using the Jungle scout plugin here What we can do is we can go up to the Chrome extension which we have installed Here After we’ve searched for valentine Gnomes we can go ahead and click on it And this is just another view that you Can have here so with an average of 1 672 monthly sales uh what we’re really Looking at here though

Is uh the spread here on the different Products are being sold right so these Are All different brands here and they’re All likely selling Thousands of different gnomes right so They’re obviously selling a lot here Their monthly revenue Uh for an example here is well over Fifty thousand dollars i guess a lot of People like gnomes i don’t know maybe Old people I wouldn’t buy one of these but some People obviously do with an average Price of 15.78 So we’re probably not going to become Multi-millionaires off of this one Specific product because the margins Might be a little bit low but it could Be a great way to tap into the market And start to build Our reputation here so what we can do Now is we can go over to Alibaba so this is alibaba and this is Where we’re going to source A lot of our products from this is going To allow you to Connect directly with a manufacturer or In sometimes In some cases a trading company so There’s a difference between a Manufacturer and a trading company On something like alibaba and you’re Going to want to know the differences

Between these two Now a trading company you’re likely Going to end up paying more for A product because this is not actually a Company that Actually makes your specific product but You’re actually just kind of buying it From them and they’re like a middleman And then they go talk to the Manufacturer and get it made for you So it’s it’s not the best option the Good thing about Dealing with the trading company over a Manufacturer is that their customer Service tends to be A bit better from our experience but you Really do want to probably go and find a Manufacturer I have a lot of friends who do so much On amazon fba that they end up Taking business trips over to china Quite a bit which to just be honest here Most of the products are going to be Coming from china or from some different Countries Um that have quite a bit of Manufacturing in Infrastructure in those countries okay So let’s go ahead and let’s search for The product that we’ve just found on Jungle scout we might not still sell This right we still need to do more Research and see How cheap can we actually source this

Product for now one thing that we want To Sort of use is like a quick and dirty Rule of thumb that we like to do It’s called the rule of thirds so let’s Say that we’re looking back on these Different valentine’s knowns Um and we’re seeing that the average Price is 15.78 So what we want to do here is if we’re Using the rule of thirds which means That One third of your price here Uh is likely going to be going towards The cost of the product so Perhaps five dollars or less we would Want to have for the product One third of that goes towards amazon Right amazon takes a lot of fees Their referral fee their fba fee their Long-term Their long-term storage fee and also a Seller membership Of 39.99 per month so they take a lot of Fees But with the rule of thirds we have that First thing which is the Cost of the product that might be five Dollars then we have the amazon fees Which could be another five dollars or More And then hopefully the other third can Be our profit which would Be hopefully five dollars in our pocket

For this So let’s see if this is actually going To happen well we can go back over to Alibaba here Let’s look for valentine gnome And let’s see what we can find here for Valentine gnome right so Let’s let’s look this up here So for valentine gnome we’re going to Have A bunch of things pop up here and this Is a interesting looking Creature of a gnome but it looks like we Can get them for about 2.63 cents per piece with a minimum Order of 500. now this is probably from A trading company We can go through here and and look at It specifically we can look at actually This company here But let’s scroll through and let’s see If we can find something for a better Price Or just a better option here right so You know these actually look kind of Cool i suppose And these are relatively cheap 1.37 We can go through here a little bit more You know is there anything that we Really like I kind of like these i think these Actually could sell pretty well so let’s Go ahead and let’s click on these And let’s see what we’re dealing with

Here so this here is a trading company As we can see Uh based off of this right here it says Trading company So we’re probably not going to source Them from here we’re going to want to Find a manufacturer But let’s go through here and let’s just Read a little bit about the company Right and some of their different things That they have available so What we can do and what i suggest doing Is ordering From at least three to five of these Different Manufacturers or if you buy it from a Trading company you want to Order these and source these from a Couple of different ones and When i say this i don’t mean you should Be ordering thousands from each Different supplier But rather you’re going to order a Sample from each one of these companies Right so go ahead through this and what I Think you should do and what we like to Do is pick five different companies We say you know this might be a good one Here or maybe We like this one here for only 20 cents That’s extremely cheap a little bit too Cheap in some cases You want to be careful on how cheap they

Are because sometimes if you’re just Going for the lowest price you might get Some pretty bad Quality but we’re going to order a Sample From each one of these five and the way That we’re going to do this is we’re Going to send a message to these Companies so We’re going to go in here and we can Send a message to each one of these Companies Uh reach out to them we can contact them And say hey This is what i’m looking for i’m looking For a thousand of these items i’m Looking for x Amount of these items uh to ship over to Me so that i can sell them Can you do it for this price blah blah Blah and can you also send me a sample Is there a price for the sample because Sometimes they’re going to charge you a Little bit Actually in a lot of cases it’s free to Get a sample from these companies they Might just ask That you pay for shipping so that they Don’t lose a ton of money sending out Samples to A potential buyers so go ahead and maybe Look for five different products here That you can experiment with then you’re Going to end up getting those to your

Home wherever else You’re gonna inspect each one of those Five different products That those companies sent you as a Sample and then you’re going to decide Based off of the price based off of your Negotiations with those companies Which one you think is the one that you Want to use for your Fba business once you make that decision Then we go through the process of Actually putting in an order with one of These companies Now in most cases we end up just wiring Money to these companies Uh and in a lot of cases you’re going to Do 30 Up front and then you’re going to pay 70 Once that product gets shipped but you Can of course negotiate these terms i’ve Seen people pay 50 up front and then 50 once the product Is shipped But that’s really going to be the way That you can source products You can deal directly with manufacturers If you want to private label Something uh for example let’s say that We’re not selling gnomes but let’s say That we’re selling like workout Equipment Uh so let’s just look up right like Workout Workout shorts right and we can find

Something like this and then perhaps we Can end up Actually private labeling these meaning That we can work with the manufacturer To slap our label on the side of these Shorts or on the side of these leggings Or anything else in here Right and so this is also another option That people like to do because this can Actually Build your brand as a whole and then you Can end up selling these brands i mean I’ve had friends who have sold their Brands They’ve built businesses on amazon fba They’ve become very popular people start To recognize That brand name and then they’re able to Sell this brand Just the ip the brand name itself for Hundreds of thousands of dollars Because it’s a very reputable brand and They own some of those spots at the top Of the list On amazon searches because they’ve made This great branding For all their products they’ve slapped Their brand on there they’ve worked with The manufacturer So that’s what we suggest doing for that But let’s go a little bit deeper into This here So once you discuss your different deals With the manufacturers or the trading

Companies that you’re working with Through alibaba or through some other Type of source Then what you’re going to do is you’re Going to actually discuss how those Products are getting shipped to you This is an important step of the process Because we have two different options Unless the manufacturer is right down The road from you You’re probably going to have to get This stuff shipped to you from the other Side of the world in most cases In a lot of cases this is coming from China so we really have two big Options here the first option is to have This Product shipped to you via by c Right so if if you’re shipping products By c we find that the average price that Is going to run you from just Our experience here tends to be roughly Like 25 cents to 50 cents per pound it really Depends on What you’re selling and how much space It takes up as a whole as well um but You can end up getting a lot of products Over By sea for relatively cheap in terms of Shipping the problem here if you’re Getting your products Shipped from the manufacturer to amazon By sea the problem here it can take a

Pretty long time i mean we’re talking a Couple of weeks These are coming over on big ships Across the ocean across the pacific It’s going to take a lot of time in some Cases over a month we’ve seen So that’s the problem with having your Products shipped from your manufacturer To To amazon by shipping it by sea now the Faster way to do this Is by air the problem with air though as You’d expect when you’re getting it in Like five days Rather than a month is that it’s going To end up costing you more We see that this can end up being closer To like a dollar or two dollars per Pound But of course like i said it does depend On the Overall space that the product takes up As well um now you’re also going to want To make sure that you have an f and skew Barcode on that so that amazon can send Those out we can go More in depth on that in a later video We’ll do like a follow-up here To kind of touch on a couple of things That maybe you would like us to go over But also please let us know down below In the in the comments section If there’s something else you would like Us to elaborate on more i’m trying to

Cover as much as i can here So i hope you can understand that but What i want to do actually Is take you over to the amazon seller Central here To show you around a little bit and so That you can get started with this Now the thing we have to know about this Is like i said earlier amazon they like To take their fees and one of the fees That they take Is an overall seller fee just to even Allow you on their platform So you can either have the individual Plan here or you can have the Professional plan As an amazon seller now pretty much Everybody that i know Has the professional plan which is going To be 39.99 per month Or you can do the individual plan now The problem with the individual plan is That you’re paying per item sold This can really end up costing you a lot Of money so You know maybe you want to start with The individual plan at first when you Just get started Because you’re not selling many products But once you start to sell like a dozen Products or more Then you would want to switch over to The professional plan as an amazon Seller but i do suggest you go to this

Page We’ll try to link to it down below and Go ahead and look through some of the Different Uh things that they’re taking here They’re different fees that amazon takes They actually help you estimate your Amazon sales margin so you can go Through And look at the different referral fees That they have right So every time that somebody’s buying a Product it depends on the category in Which they’re buying the product But you’re basically paying amazon or Somebody else As a referral fee for bringing somebody To your product remember Amazon’s one of the largest search Engines in the world so you’re going to End up paying a commission To other people or companies in order to Actually have people buy your products Right so here’s just a nice list of all The different things right if we’re Selling beauty products We’re paying uh it looks like Eight percent for products with a total Sales of 10 or less and then 15 For more items what you’re going to Notice though is that the general trend Is that These referral fees can be about 15 Of our total uh price that we’re selling

These items for so keep that in mind Some can be lower closer down to about Eight percent even in some cases Computers only six percent but in a lot Of cases you can end up paying 15 as a referral fee to Amazon okay so once we’ve done that Let’s talk about what makes a good Listing because we’re going to wrap up Here soon But we want to go over what makes a good Listing here so let’s go back to These products here let’s go back to the Gnomes and let’s take a look at some of These gnomes that are selling Right so let’s go ahead and let’s look At these Gnomes let’s go to the first ones that Are popping up that are not sponsored so Let’s take a look at these right here This is a two pack of These little gnomes now what they’re Doing here is Is we can look through and we can see That they have quite a few words in Their title this is something that we’ve Been doing for so long You want to stuff a lot of keywords into Your title this is going to be a great Tactic Uh if you just had a title that was Valentine’s day Gnome and that was it there’s no other Title to it you’re going to end up

Missing out on a lot of opportunity so You want to do some keyword stuffing Here as many as you can That are relevant keywords if you want To learn more about what keywords you Should be using You can do two things you can look at Your competition and you can say well I’m going to borrow some of these ideas Right Don’t copy don’t totally copy other Sellers that’s just not very cool You don’t want to be that person but you Can borrow some ideas right you can Switch around the order You can decide you know what i’m not Going to have santa doll in there but i I am going to change this to valentine Doll perhaps or something you know just Just Start to change things up there and you Can borrow those Or you can go back to jungle scout and You can go up to Your keywords and you can start to look For different types of keywords Right so keyword scout and we can start To look for things that are related to That so we can type this in Let’s look up valentine gnome And let’s see what comes up here and we Can search for it Oh and it looks like you actually need To have a higher expensive one that we

Don’t have here so Never mind So once you’ve stuffed in quite a few Keywords into your title You’re also going to want to look at Your description here now this one’s Very interesting i’ve never seen emojis Really in descriptions very much but i Actually kind of like it a little bit um This description is not too bad they’re Obviously giving you quite a bit of Information but there’s definitely a lot Going on here What we actually like to do let’s see if We can find a different one here Because what we like to do for our Descriptions here yes the bullet points Are very good But what we like to do is have all caps For the first couple of words And then follow it up right so they Chose to use brackets here this is also Another option But what we do is for example we might Say perfect valentine’s day gift All caps right it’s all in caps and then The following sentences are in Regular text how you would normally see It right so this is not bad i like how They’re doing this You can think about having different Types of pictures as well amazon does Want you to have Your main photo as a white background

For this so keep this in mind you’re Going to want a white background for This If you’re looking for ways to get Pictures of your products there’s a Couple of ways to do this You can end up actually paying people You can use five or you can use Up work you can send these products to Photographers Or models and have them take some photos With your products i would suggest doing That Because it does help with conversions When you actually have people Holding your product or using your Product we see this especially with Different types of fitness products it Works Extremely well right like if you’re Selling athletic shorts you’re going to Want to have something besides just a White Background picture you want to have some Photos of people wearing your shorts in Action so that people can Kind of relate to it and we find it does Sell quite a bit better that way So let’s see what else they have here And what else we can use as an option Now i want to show you another cool Thing that we can do that most people Don’t tell you Which is when you scroll down and you

Look at this frequently bought together Tab this can be some secret sauce here Okay because what we can do Is we can look at the items that are Bought together And we can actually end up creating a Separate listing that has both of those Bundled together which can save people a Lot of money Right so what if we end up selling a Product that has both Gnomes and whatever the hell this thing Is it looks like a Uh it’s a happy valentine’s day heart Wooden wall decoration right So what if we ended up making our own Product and actually Bundling both of these together selling Them as one item where they get these Gnomes And also this wooden happy valentine’s Day and this Love thing because people want to do Like an all-in-one they buy some Decorations for valentine’s day so They’re buying All three of these so we could bundle These together and make it one product And see people who are buying all three Of these they’re paying forty two Dollars we can end up selling this for Less maybe thirty dollars As a bundle deal so that’s a cool thing That a lot of people don’t tell you

About we’ve seen a lot of success With something like that but then we can Scroll down and we can look a little bit Further into this The question part very important if you Have people asking questions You want to be fast with your response Time this helps out a lot of other People Not just the people asking the questions But prospective buyers in the future as Well And then also the most important thing By far is going to be the reviews I don’t know about you but this is the One thing that i look at All the time i want to see the reviews If they’re good or bad I personally rarely buy anything that Has less than a four or three and a half Star review I just won’t buy it so you want to make Sure that you’re selling good quality Products and you’re getting reviews from Your customers now you can’t just go out And ask your customers and say hey If you like the product make sure you Review it if you don’t like the product Don’t review it You cannot say that so what you want to Do is you can say hey don’t forget to Review the product And you can just do this by putting like A little piece of paper in each one of

The products that you’re shipping out You can have your manufacturer Do this for you if you’d like to when They’re bundling These together and just say you know Here’s the contact information if you Have an issue with the product You know feel free to leave a review if You’d like to that’s one thing that We’ve seen That helps get a lot of reviews but Let’s actually talk about How to tap into the market basically how To start selling right because A lot of people find issues with this They find it’s very difficult To start to actually sell product Because it’s difficult to tap into it Right like how do they get to the top Spot On amazon when somebody searches for Something it’s really hard to get that Spot So there are basically two strategies That we use To get our product to the top and start To sell products Immediately even if we don’t have a lot Of reviews for people to base Their decisions off of now the two Strategies are as follows The first one is probably going to be i Would say Your easiest one but it’s going to cost

You some money and that’s basically ppc Which is pay per click Which is going to get you towards the Top so let’s say for example that Somebody is looking for cutting boards And you happen to be selling cutting Boards Right so if somebody’s looking for Cutting boards what’s going to happen Here Well amazon they like to make their Money and so these ones at the top here These are all sponsored these are all Sponsored listings For cutting boards so you could sponsor Your post This is going to cost you money you Might lose money on this But in turn you can end up getting some Decent reviews so it’s an Option it’s not the best but it’s Something that you know maybe if you Have some money to spend you have some Money to invest into this You could consider sponsoring your post And getting it to the top Just so you can start getting some Reviews maybe once you get five six Seven reviews you feel like you don’t Have to really have it sponsored anymore Because it’ll already do well on its own But that is one strategy to start to get Some reviews to start to get some sales But keep in mind if you’re sponsoring it

It’s costing you money You’re probably not going to be making Nearly as much and in some cases you Might end up losing money which is not The overall Long-term goal now the other option for You to do Is to basically undercut everybody else Who’s selling the products So that you can end up positioning Yourself higher on the list And then eventually raise your prices Once you get those reviews Once you get that kind of credibility This is a tactic that i’ve used for many Many years And it works pretty well the issue with This of undercutting your competition Is that you might end up forcing your Competition To also cut their prices because let’s Say that uh everybody in here selling Cutting boards for You know 20 right we’re seeing a lot of Cutting boards for 25 dollars 19 Right we’re seeing a lot of cutting Boards for those price ranges let’s say You go in here and you start selling Cutting boards for 12 What’s going to happen you might sell a Ton of cutting boards your profit Margins might be pretty bad they Probably are bad you might only make Like a dollar or two um

But now your competition is going to Look at us and say well wait a minute We’re losing a lot of Money here because we we could have been Getting way more sales so they start to Lower the prices as well To compete with you and then everybody Kind of ends up losing because you drove The prices down So you want to be careful with that Really the strategy here is Low price for the first maybe dozen Sales the first two dozen sales They write some reviews you get some Sales going then you can raise the price That’s a tactic that i’ve always used But just be careful on how long you Leave that low price in there I mean we have brought items into the Market uh where we’ve lost money on the First hundred items that we sold We’ve end up lost money on purpose so That we could position ourselves in a Good spot On amazon a little bit of a risky move Um but it’s something that That does work if you know what you’re Doing all right everyone so I would love to go more in depth on this If you want to see an even longer Tutorial Really getting into the nitty-gritty of Like sourcing products and Manufacturers and the types of messages

That you send to those manufacturers Let me know in the comment section below Go ahead follow me on instagram if you Guys want to connect a little bit I’ll try to respond to you as much as Possible thanks for watching the video Like i said guys you have to pay any Money for any of this information go Ahead find more information like this Online for free don’t pay for those Thousand dollar courses they’re just not Worth it we never did And i don’t think you have to either so Thanks for watching hope everybody has a Great day And i’ll see you next video

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